OrbitalX CubeSat
Explore the cutting-edge OrbitalX Satellite Technology, revolutionising Quantum Sensing for Precise Mineral Exploration.

Unlock valuable insights and optimise resource management with our advanced satellite solutions.Discover how our technology empowers industries to make informed decisions, monitor environmental changes, and drive sustainable practices. Elevate your approach to natural resource management with OrbitalX's state-of-the-art Quantum Sensing technology.

OrbitalX CubeSat

Revolutionising Quantum Sensing

OrbitalX Satellite Technology represents a paradigm shift in Quantum Sensing, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. It introduces cutting-edge capabilities that redefine how we gather and interpret data for natural resource management.

Informed Decision-Making

OrbitalX enables users to unlock a new realm of insights, facilitating informed decision-making. By harnessing the power of our advanced satellite solutions, users can make data-driven choices that optimise resource management strategies, leading to more efficient and effective operations.

Driving Sustainable Practices

At the core of OrbitalX's technology is a commitment to sustainability. Our state-of-the-art Quantum Sensing empower industries to monitor environmental changes in real-time. By doing so, we empower organisations to implement and drive sustainable practices, aligning with global efforts for a more environmentally conscious future.

The OrbitalX


Infinity Quantum Sensor
in CubeSat Configuration

The Infinity Quantum Sensor, downsized for CubeSat deployment,
delivers unparalleled quantum precision in a compact form factor.

Hyperspectral Imager Platform

The Hyperspectral Imager, tailored for CubeSat missions,
brings a new dimension to remote sensing capabilities in
a miniature package.

Miniaturised Excellence
for CubeSat Science

The integration of the Infinity Quantum Sensor and the
Hyperspectral Imager within the confines of a CubeSat
maximizes scientific potential within the constraints
of a small satellite platform.

Pioneering a New Era in Orbital Quantum Sensing

Our cutting-edge technology at OrbitalX leverages a multi-faceted approach to revolutionise Quantum Sensing, providing unparalleled insights for natural resource management. At the heart of our innovation lies Advanced Hyperspectral Imaging, a sophisticated technique that captures a broader spectrum of data, enabling a more detailed and nuanced analysis of Earth's surface. Complemented by Machine Learning for Data Analysis, our system learns and adapts, extracting meaningful patterns and trends from the vast amount of information gathered. Orbital Quantum Sensors ensure precise and accurate data collection, contributing to the reliability of our analytics. Real-time Data Analysis enhances the speed at which critical information is processed, empowering users with immediate, actionable insights.

OrbitalX CubeSat Specification

OrbitalX CubeSat: Infinity Space NextStar 2U Chassis
Payload Volume: 1.2U
Peak Power Generation: 4W
Primary Payload: Infinity Quantum Sensor
Secondary Payload: Hyperspectral HILARS Imager
Point Accuracy: Up to 1.2° ADCS
TT&C (VHF): 9.6kb/s uplink
Payload Data Downlink:4.6Gb/s (UHF)
Antenna: 437 MHz UHF dipole antenna

Driven by the power of IBM Quantum, OrbitalX stands at the vanguard of harnessing quantum computing's immense processing capabilities to transform geospatial analysis.

Hyperspectral Imaging
for Mineral Discovery


Iron Ore Discovery

OrbitalX's hyperspectral imaging Cubesat detects distinct spectral
signatures of hematite and magnetite, enabling the discovery of iron
ore deposits from orbit

Copper Discovery

By analyzing the unique spectral patterns of minerals like chalcopyrite
and bornite, OrbitalX's Cubesat identifies copper deposits with precision
from its orbital vantage point.

Bauxite Discovery

Utilising its advanced hyperspectral capabilities, OrbitalX's Cubesat
distinguishes aluminum-rich bauxite deposits by detecting minerals like
gibbsite and boehmite from orbit.

Lithium Discovery

Through precise spectral analysis, OrbitalX's hyperspectral imaging Cubesat
identifies lithium-bearing minerals like spodumene and lepidolite, contributing
to the discovery of lithium deposits from space.

Graphite Discovery

OrbitalX's hyperspectral imaging Cubesat identifies graphite-bearing rocks
through detailed spectral analysis, assisting in the exploration and mapping
of graphite deposits from orbit.

Rare Earth Elements Discovery

OrbitalX's Cubesat distinguishes rare earth element-rich minerals such as bastnäsite
and monazite, facilitating the identification of valuable REE deposits with orbital
hyperspectral imaging.

Innovating with Advanced
Quantum Sensing Technology


OrbitalX Advanced Hyperspectral Imaging

We provide state-of-the-art hyperspectral imaging solutions that transform resource
monitoring, environmental analysis, and precision management, fostering
sustainable practices.

OrbitalX Machine Learning for Data Analysis

We seamlessly incorporate state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities to deliver
unparalleled insights, ensuring precision in understanding environmental
changes and optimising the utilisation of natural resources.

OrbitalX Quantum Sensors

We are leading a revolution in environmental monitoring and resource management
with cutting-edge quantum technology, guaranteeing unprecedented precision
and insights for sustainable practices.

Quantum Innovation at Work


An Infinity Space Company

Unveiling Earth's riches through hyperspectral and quantum sensing technology, providing precise insights that redefine the possibilities of resource discovery.


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