OrbitalX Hyperspectral Imaging
Dive into the realm of cutting-edge Hyperspectral Sensing Technology for Fidning Natural Resources with OrbitalX

We offer hyperspectral imaging solutions that revolutionise resource monitoring, environmental analysis, and precision management for sustainable practices. Our cutting-edge technology empowers industries to make informed decisions, fostering a more sustainable and efficient future.

OrbitalX Hyperspectral Imaging

OrbitalX's cutting-edge hyperspectral imaging operates by capturing a broad spectrum of data from Earth's surface. This extensive range of information allows for a detailed and nuanced analysis. Our technology employs advanced algorithms and machine learning to process this data, extracting meaningful patterns and insights. This powerful combination empowers industries to make informed decisions, optimising resource management and fostering sustainability. OrbitalX's commitment to precision and innovation is transforming the landscape of Quantum Sensing for natural resources.

Through collaborative partnerships and ongoing research and development efforts, OrbitalX is driving the advancement of space-based technologies, paving the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future on Earth.

Hyperspectral Imaging
for Mineral Discovery


Iron Ore Discovery

OrbitalX's hyperspectral imaging Cubesat detects distinct spectral
signatures of hematite and magnetite, enabling the discovery of iron
ore deposits from orbit

Copper Discovery

By analyzing the unique spectral patterns of minerals like chalcopyrite
and bornite, OrbitalX's Cubesat identifies copper deposits with precision
from its orbital vantage point.

Bauxite Discovery

Utilising its advanced hyperspectral capabilities, OrbitalX's Cubesat
distinguishes aluminum-rich bauxite deposits by detecting minerals like
gibbsite and boehmite from orbit.

Lithium Discovery

Through precise spectral analysis, OrbitalX's hyperspectral imaging Cubesat
identifies lithium-bearing minerals like spodumene and lepidolite, contributing
to the discovery of lithium deposits from space.

Graphite Discovery

OrbitalX's hyperspectral imaging Cubesat identifies graphite-bearing rocks
through detailed spectral analysis, assisting in the exploration and mapping
of graphite deposits from orbit.

Rare Earth Elements Discovery

OrbitalX's Cubesat distinguishes rare earth element-rich minerals such as bastnäsite
and monazite, facilitating the identification of valuable REE deposits with orbital
hyperspectral imaging.

Unveiling Precision Insights


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Unveiling Earth's riches through hyperspectral and quantum sensing technology, providing precise insights that redefine the possibilities of resource discovery.


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